28eme rencontre des musulmans de france

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28eme rencontre des musulmans de france

Limitations of the initiative Recently, an increase in pressure on newspapers discussing the Kurdish question and newspapers publishing in Kurdish can be observed. The first hearing of the trial will take place on 24 February at the Istanbul 9th High Criminal Court.

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Further reasons of guilt are the following pronouncements made in the interview: If this crime is committed via the media the punishment shall be increased by 0.

Additionally, the persons responsible for the publishing who did not participate in the crime constituted by the media body shall be sentenced to a judicial fine equivalent to between 1, and 10, days". All 66 students were released later on.

28eme rencontre des musulmans de france

Even the private security staff from the night shift was still at the university". They installed a stand with a banner saying "The republic will life with socialism" outside of the Foreign Language Prep School building and the private security staff told them to remove the stand.

After a discussion the privat security staff started to kick down the stand and the civil policemen joined them".

The police attacked the group and the incident escalated. In the uprising turmoil one student fainted under the hits of the truncheons".

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When the police violence increased, the students sought shelter in the library. The police and private security staff blocked the library. They kept the students inside for about 2 hours". In the meantime about students and members of the academic staff had gathered in front of the library.


They started to protest against the police and private security staff by shouting slogans. We wanted to speak to somebody from the university administration.

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This attack was planned". The crowd demanded to release the arrested students and for the police to leave the campus. When they did not take any noticed and moved on to take the arrested students to a police station, the crowd cut off their way".

At the same time it has been reported that the health situation of the police officer who had been wounded in the leg is well. According to this report, the Office of Chief Public Prosecutor may decide the postponement of an imprisonment sentence due to sickness, based on a report issued by the Forensic Medicine Institute, or by a health committee of a hospital designated by the Ministry of Justice and approved by the Forensic Medicine Institute.

A legal appeal against the conclusions of the report of Forensic Medicine Institute was initiated on 20 July and is pending with the General Assembly of the Forensic Medicine Institute. Il est aussi un militant des droits humains.«Pas de diplomatie avec Al-Assad» – Une pétition adressée à l’Elysée signée par des membres de l’iReMMO.

28eme rencontre des musulmans de france

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EDDY DJOLOLIAN NOUS A QUITTÉ (07/08/): C’est avec une très grande tristesse que le Fonds Arménien de France annonce le décès d’Eddy Djololian, 70 ans, membre fondateur et Trésorier national de notre association, qui nous a quittés le 27 juillet , des suites d’une maladie inexorable qu’il a affrontée avec toute la résolution et la lucidité qui le caractérisaient.

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