4clojure reverse a sequence for academic writing

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4clojure reverse a sequence for academic writing

When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Reverse Paramedic Method Summary: This resource will help you write clear, concise sentences while remaining in the passive voice.

Passive voice is used quite often in scientific writing. The original exercise helps people recognize wordy sentences written in the passive voice. This adaptation reverses one purpose of the activity and assists in recognizing and implementing passive voice, which is often used in scientific writing.

This reverse method should still help writers make sentences less wordy and more concise. Activity Prepare for the activity by asking students to bring in a sample of their writing from a current assignment, or provide students with the example below.

Briefly explain the following grammar concepts: A preposition is any word or group of words that relates a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence. The action of the sentence describes what who is doing what to whom.

The subject of the sentence is the person or thing doing the action. Windups are phrases, usually prepositional phrases, that set up an idea to be expressed in a sentence.

Some windups are necessary or important to the meaning of the sentences they introduce, but others just make sentences wordy or unnecessarily complex.

Deciding whether a windup is necessary or not depends on the context. Using redundancies leads to awkward and lengthy sentences, which can make your sentences and your ideas hard to understand.

4clojure reverse a sequence for academic writing

The following sentence contains redundancies was conducted, with: Active and passive voice: Active voice is a structure of writing that emphasizes the doer and uses active verbs rather than forms of the verb "to be" see above. Here is an example of a sentence written in active voice: Note that the doer Morgan precedes the verb attended.

Passive voice does not emphasize the doer and may even use past tense. Passive voice is usually used in scientific writing because the emphasis is placed on what was done rather than on who did it.

Here is an example of the same sentence written in passive voice: The purpose of this exercise is to teach students to emphasize the experiment rather than the researchers. Procedure for the Reverse Paramedic Method Circle the prepositions. Eliminate any unnecessary prepositions.

Identify any references to the researchers the doer. Replace references to the researchers with a passive construction that emphasizes the experiment what was done. Eliminate any unnecessary slow wind-ups. Example before applying the reverse paramedic method: In the following experiment, we used the feline cell line, W9, to evaluate cell growth in the presence of the growth factor.

The feline cell line W9 was used to evaluate cell growth in the presence of growth factor. At 48 hours, we harvested cells from the cell culture dish and counted. We used a hemocytometer. At 48 hours, cells were harvested from the culture dish and counted using hemocytometer.A Sequence for Academic Writing focuses on the critical reading and writing strategies that readers and students need in order to thoughtfully interpret and incorporate source material into their own papers.

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