Bakery business plan pdf in nigeria conflict

But they were wrong.

Bakery business plan pdf in nigeria conflict

And for this reason i highly advise you to get you business name registered in Nigeria through the CAC thereby protecting yourself and potential Partners. It must be said that writing a bread bakery business plan does not automatically guarantee that you bread bakery business would be a total success as there are many factors that will determine if indeed you become successful in such venture, But not writing or having a feasibility study sample business plan is a shortcut to failure Why You Should Start A Bread Bakery In Nigeria Bread still remain one of the more common popular and stable food that you would find in Nigeria today.

Bread is consumed by all and sundry- the old, young poor and rich consume bread on daily basis.

bakery business plan pdf in nigeria conflict

Nigeria investors are therefore implored to invest into this very lucrative bread production business in Nigeria. Bread is regarded as a food for the masses. It is taken as breakfast in many houses Also Read: Profitable Tomatoes Farming Business in Nigeria Tomato farming business plan pdf Due to the steady increase in the population in the country and increase in bread consumers, there is need to increase the number of bread producing bakeries in Nigeria.

Despite the increase in flour and other raw materials for bread production, investment into the industry is still very lucrative due to the ever increasing demand for bread The Nigeria bakers association,released a publication which shows that prices of bread, a major stable food have risen in the last three years by an average of about 25 per cent from between N80 and N per family size loaf to between N and N amid increase in the prices of baking materials and at the time of writing this publication on bread bakery business in Nigeria, a family sized loaf of bread is between N N naira per loaf Note: You could also employ your bakery for the production of: Pies- Meat pies, apple pies, chicken pies, fruit pies etc Sausages- of different sizes Pizzas- pepperoni, ham and sausage, mushrooms and garlic, etc Bread- wheat bread, cheese bread, cake bread ,fruit bread etc Hotdogs and Burgers- cheese, chicken and beef.

Donuts- chocolate, jam, etc. While bread remain in demand in both the urban and rural areas prospective entrepreneurs should pay grate consideration to the location of your bakery.

bakery business plan pdf in nigeria conflict

Usually it is advisable to locate your bakery in the areas where there are large populations of consumers. To start the business there is need to consider the type of technology to apply in the project. What are the type of machines to use, the capacity of the machines and other basic infrastructures such as distribution vehicles, power generating and other such related issues?

The operational environment is very important. Details on the structural plan and location information will be given to the prospective is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

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