Ban the use of cluster bombs essay

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Ban the use of cluster bombs essay

Please, make the list! Log in to Reply dannyboy March 30, at We spent most of the 20th century building all that shit, and squandered most our wealth on it.

But none of those monetary and psychological investments negate the fact that suburbia has outlived its limited and rather perverse usefulness.

This just continues on from last week with the host trying to blow some reality back at some of the dreamers faces. People, our way of life in fifty years will be totally different than it is now. Liberals, the government is not the answer to this.

I cannot imagine a poorer option to handling the social changes necessary in the next fifty years than counting on the current cast of miscreants in the Deep State in DC. The liberal element counts on the government to solve the problems we face, ha!

You cannot be that blind. The conservatives want to back out of our lives totally, which is a joke in itself, they are just as committed to the Deep State as the Left. But we will need a central focus to the country to hold it together.

Try to imagine what is coming in reaction to the increasing changes. More power allocated to the Feds to solve the problems but less effect because there are no political solutions to the oncoming Long Emergency.

When solutions are not forthcoming, the divisions will widen as the finger pointing and search for the guilty starts.


I foresee a division in the country, maybe just political as demographic divisions split the nation apart, or violent revolution as die hards fight to the death. The forces keeping us together are weakening and the divisive forces are strengthening. There is a reason the US has gone to war every twenty years or so during its history, Rally around the flag boys.

War is no longer an option with MAD in place and terroristic military dispersion the name of the game. Nukes and whack a mole does not work well.

So what happens when the war option does not exist? Divisions will continue to grow, and I guess we will see to what end. When politics are the main theater, the human element does not perform well.

As cohesion Founders, localization will become the theme of the moment. Log in to Reply Jigplate March 30, at There are far more of these people than you think, and when the long emergency really gets rollingthese people are going to howl.

Log in to Reply MontanaMan March 31, at 8: All over the streets in downtown LA and now moving quickly into the upper class bucolic neighborhoods! Katie Hopkins from the UK I have been following for a number of years and I highly recommend everyone see her videos over on what is now called CensorTube.

The good old days of open commenting and posting videos that shine a light on the hellish destruction of liberalism in Europe and here is no more. You never seen so many rats!! And the waves of trash and the streets sidewalks so slick from shit and pee!!

She talked extensively about her fact finding trips in the Bombay South Africa Haiti all the other shit holes that the immigration act started letting in and she was blunt.

Let me read this pertaining to the Bubonic Plague right before the outbreak. What London looked like. Right on the tip of my tongue! We are way beyond that.

Ban the use of cluster bombs essay

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I. INTRODUCTION Cluster bombs were first used in the American conflict in Vietnam and Laos in the sixties. They became popular because they are one of the cheapest air delivered weapons available, costing about $60 per bomblet.

Israel’s Use of Cluster Bombs Shows Need for Global Ban. At a conference this week, more than states will discuss a treaty to ban cluster munitions, a process prompted in part by Israel. Vaclav Havel: Bruce Bawer has a fascinating essay on the life and achievements of Vaclav those who may not know, Havel was a playwright who gave up a potential life of privilege as a government-sponsored writer to become a leader of the dissident movement in Communist Czechoslovakia in the s.

Pentagon puts off planned ban on use of cluster bombs Bomb experts from the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) explode a cluster bomb after finding it in the southern Lebanese village of Sultaniyeh on Aug Founded: Sep 18,

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