Behaviorist lesson plan

Saturday, September 12, What is the difference between the Behaviorist Lesson Plan format and the Constructivist Lesson Plan Format In the education field there are different ways one can deliver their lesson plan for the classroom. The strategies which will be discussed include the behaviorist and constructivist method of lesson planning. Behaviorist way of learning is known as paying attention to the stimulus way of thinking. People are familiar with the operate conditioning, which causes all behavior.

Behaviorist lesson plan

The students will walk into the room and find a tray of brownies at the front of the classroom. They will wonder what they are for and be very curious.

The Behaviorist's Approach to Using a Lesson Plan | Synonym

Once everyone has taken their seats explain to them that you are going to break them into different pieces to represent fractions of the whole. Have someone come up and cut the brownies in half. Once they have broken the brownies in half, tell them thank you and they will receive a brownie at the end.

As the students watch this they will be eager to participate in the activity. Once the children have all helped and observed give them Behaviorist lesson plan a fraction of the brownie. At the end of this activity, students will have explored their fraction strips and will understand what a numerator and denomenator of a fraction represents.

They will also understand that the larger the denominator, the more parts the whole has been broken into. First students will be given 6 sheets of different colored paper. Be sure that everyone knows that these pieces are whole pieces of paper.

Have them write whole on one of the papers.

Behaviorist lesson plan

Next, model how to cut the one of the papers in half. Do these same steps with each piece of paper. As they cut the pieces of paper, be sure that they understand why they are writing the fractions on the paper.

After all of the pieces of paper are cut, have them explore the different sizes and the numbers that are written on the paper. Which piece is larger? Explain what numerator and denominator are.

Why are the pieces of paper with the largest number on the bottom, smaller than the rest? Have them explore and answer this question. At the end of the discussion all of the students will understand that the bigger the number on the bottom, the more parts the whole has been broken into As students are doing all of these tasks, be sure to reinforce them at each step.

This will help them get to the final goal. When you use this type of reinforcement they are more likely to maintain their behavior without expecting to be reinforced.

While the class is working walk over to the student and talk to only that person so no one else can hear.This is a lesson plan modeled after the behaviorist theory.

This lesson plan exemplifies how to use classroom demographics, along with differentiation possibilities, to teach probability and statistics in math.

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Jean Piaget dedicated most of his life’s work to understanding how children develop intellectually. His work on cognitive development is the most complete theory available today and is widely. Dec 07,  · Overview | How can sports writing serve as a model for descriptive pieces of any kind?

How can descriptive language capture and even recreate the energy of a lived experience? In this lesson, students analyze a sports story for descriptive language and then use it as a writing model. Behaviorist Lesson Plan Fading Adding Mixed Numbers Goal: Students will add mixed numbers. Audience: Sixth Grade Students Vocabulary: common, denominator, numerator, mixed number Shaping Adding Fractions with Common Denominators 1.

Shows student how to add fractions with common denominators using pizza fraction manipulatives. Ways to Improve Lesson Planning: A Student Teacher Perspective.

By. Dr K. Abdul Gafoor. and. Umer Farooque, T.K. Presented in. International Seminar Cum Conference onTeacher Empowerment and Institutional have consensus among them about the lesson plan formats, approaches and procedures.

A few. The difference between the behaviorist and constructivist lesson plan format In the behaviorist lesson plan format everything is virtually structured. There is a set format and everyone adhere to this strict format with little or no room for variation.

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