Closing case ikea the global retailer

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Closing case ikea the global retailer

Closing case ikea the global retailer

Why do you think this strategy did not work as well in North America as it did in Europe? As ofwhat strategy is IKEA pursuing? Does this strategy make sense? Can you see any drawbacks with this strategy?

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Established in the s, IKEA is a furniture company that sells a wide range of furniture and related products. In its initial push to expand globally, IKEA largely ignored the retailing rule that international success involves tailoring product lines closely to national tastes and preferences.

Instead, the company stuck with its initial vision that it could sell the same "essentially Swedish" products around the world. Initially, the idea worked.

The company was able to sell its standardized products across Europe, and as a result was able to build considerable economies of scale into its operations and maintain a price advantage over its competitors.

The company stumbled, however, when it tried to enter the North American market.

Closing case ikea the global retailer

Between and IKEA open 26 stores in North America, but unlike the company's experiences across Europe, the stores did not quickly become profitable. Its "essentially Swedish" products just didn't catch on in America.

ByIKEA's top management realized that if it were going to succeed in North America, it would have to customize its product offerings to North American tastes. Today, IKEA's products have been "tailored" to be compatible with North American tastes, and the company claims that it is making a profit in its North American markets.

This case illustrates an important point. Regardless of how profitable and savvy a company is selling its products in one market, it may encounter problems in another markets unless it fully understands the subtleties of the new market.

One way that a company can quickly "come up to speed" on a new market is by retaining the advice of a consulting firm that has expertise in that market.

The following are the website addresses for three global consulting firms that specialize in international business: Global Business Access, Ltd.

First, what types of services to these companies offer? Second, even though IKEA was in experienced international firm, could it have avoided some of the mistakes that it made in its initial push into the North American market by obtaining advice from one of these firms?

Do you believe that IKEA would have been open to advice?

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