Desicions that made me who i

The air of Tarurus was suffocaing me with every breah I took. Soon it seemed like I had swallowed lava from an erupting volcano. A defening cackle coursed though the air.

Desicions that made me who i

I suppose that hash DOES really get to you.: Reply Link mex November 7,2: And yes I agree with a lot of things that have been vocalized. We have bigger problems like how many teachers want to give our students adderol, ritlan, etc!

THC is not harmful. Leagal alcohol is harmful! How many deathes have been contributed THC opposed to alcohol! Link Nick April 19,5: Ignorant individuals who are too lazy or incompetent to write in complete sentences give society a misconception about the people who use it.

Reply Link Julie April 29,5: I can only assume that you meant to say that if you wanted to become stupid and therefore give someone the grounds to accuse you of such that you would use alcohol, but in the form that you did in fact use that note, it actually indicates that if you would use alcohol as a tool to show the world how stupid marijuana makes people, if you wanted to in fact show the world that.

But perhaps your own grammar accomplished that goal for Desicions that made me who i after all.

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Stay in school kids. Reply Link Edward May 15, Julie, your self-righteousness has cost you at least 5 valuable minutes, during which time you could have been fulfilling your subtly-implied M.

A private one, or a public school in a wealthy municipality. Future generations of Americans are fated to receive increasingly sub-standard education in the English Language. If you happen to be the young, middle-of-the-road, middle-management career type that I imagine you to be, I truly hope that, while you are eating your heart out over this post, you go for a big fat doobie, instead of drowning your sorrows in the bottle.

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That may be the only way to prevent the tears from streaming down your face when you lie on your bed, staring at the ceiling this evening.

Link Al May 20,4: For example, you have a run-on sentence above that qualifies for a marathon! Marijuana is a controlled substance. Alcohol once had the same status.

Whether controlled or not, when abused, it can do harm to various areas of the body.

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Marijuana has 20 times the tar of a cigarette and cigarettes have filters. I always used a bong with water and crushed ice to remove some tar and cool the smoke.

Desicions that made me who i

Whatever intoxicant one chooses, he or she can overindulge to the point of getting sick. Link B June 7,7: Rather than critique grammar; critique content. Marijuana is not for everyone and affects different people in diverse ways. For me it helps pain, headaches, nausea, social anxiety, and sometimes appetite.

I do get heavy headed and lose all sense of time sometimes, but it comes with the territory of how it affects my brain. Sometimes you must deal with the consequences in order to relinquish the benefit. I would rather smoke herb than take meds any day of the week!! Link Dave June 30,5: However, I would like to point out that, just because you can type like a diplomatic lawyer-type while throwing in your distasteful, emotion-attacking punch-line to amuse your own intelligence What does that tell you?

I encourage you all to catch your righteousness on your tongues and be more scientific. Without being neutral, however much it hurts, how much are you gaining?

After practicing this over and over, the amount of control I had over myself and the situations I encountered was remarkable. Which is funny to consider, that my main issue growing up was the control factor. Now that I am twenty and have devoted my time to learning and digesting and referring back to the books written by those with knowledge of the areas I lack, I feel that, although the road is bumpy and sometimes leads on tangents less than distasteful, I can see the control issues of others and help promote a healthy outlook that may save or promote the saving of your emotional life.I’ve been going through this too.

It’s been months since I been apart from my scorpio after 4 years but I can’t seem to get over him. As a Virgo woman no other mans ever made me feel the way he has. So. Yesterday, another stumbling block, which felt more like a WALL yesterday, falls in my way.

So today, I turn on the radio to distract me from the overwhelming effects, which this stumbling block is having on me. I know am damn late for all my ffs and one shots. am extremely sorry my college have beene started and i was lots of busy in buyingthings and all but now am free so back to back updates.

What is Decision Making? In its simplest sense, decision-making is the act of choosing between two or more courses of action. In the wider process of problem-solving, decision-making involves choosing between possible solutions to a ashio-midori.comons can be made through either an intuitive or reasoned process, or a combination of the two..

Intuition. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful spell caster who helped me . Me and my ex would have been 3 years in February. We had been engaged for 6 months.

We have had a rocky relationship ship but the last few months it had been getting better.

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