Emerson college one of the primary drivers of boston arts

Seattle, Washington One of the oldest settlements in North America, Seattle is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world, according to the Huffington Post. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic Mountains, the city was a major lumbering port, the gateway to the Klondike gold rush, and home to Native Americans who have been in Puget Sound at least 10, years. The city enjoys cool, wet winters and warm summers with more than 1, hours of sunshine between April and September, according to U.

Emerson college one of the primary drivers of boston arts

For more than 70 years, the local United Way has provided millions of dollars to help everyone from families in need of housing to working mothers in need of child care.

Undoubtedly, many of the people who benefit from these programs are minorities. But a review of the makeup of the United Way shows a startlingly small number of people involved in its decisions who actually look like the people in the communities it serves. That raises questions as to whether the United Way is providing services as effectively as it could, whether it provides only lip service to its stated ideal of diversity—and whether the organization is worth the philanthropic investment that thousands of local residents make each year.

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Its board of directors, for example, has a total of 58 members. While relatively small with only eight people, its website shows that every single employee of the United Way is a white female—just like Train, who has been running the organization since Those numbers are exactly what happens when organizations—even those with the best of intentions—become hidebound, blind to their own biases and keep no measure of accountability for themselves when it comes to diversity.

United Way is certainly not the only nonprofit impacting minority communities that is lily white. A survey conducted last year by Battalia Winston, an executive search firm, found that nearly 90 percent of all nonprofit and foundation directors in America were white.

But that has not stopped other United Way chapters from employing people of color. Minorities make up 38 percent of the United Way staff in Richmond, 35 percent in Lynchburg and 16 percent of the staffs in Harrisonburg and Roanoke. But that move would only be window dressing.

Our local United Way should embrace its ideals and show in its actions—more than just in its words—that diversity counts, particularly in Charlottesville, and particularly in these times.

Selecting a minority candidate as its next president would give the group stronger credibility within the communities it most serves, and allow it to move more confidently toward ensuring the well-being of the children and families most in need.

Emerson college one of the primary drivers of boston arts

Sean Lyons is a resident of Charlottesville and a former investigative reporter who worked at a number of news organizations, including the Boston Globe. He is also a former journalism professor at Hampton University.Emerson College is a comprehensive, masters institution in downtown Boston that focuses on communication and the arts in a liberal arts context.

Emerson has 4, students and a 36% acceptance rate.

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Emerson has 4, students and a 36% acceptance rate. university of massachusetts boston, , phd. Mello, Americo E. Gambling disorders and psychologists' in training and practice.

ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY/NEW ENGLAND GRADUATE SCHOOL, Mar 28,  · Emerson College, Boston: Hours, Address, Emerson College Reviews: /5. United States ; Massachusetts (MA) This is the place. Visual and media arts, performance or managing either - this is the place.

LRI creates and supports a legacy of leaders.

At 9 am during my visit, these students were showered, lights on and dressed professionally. one of Boston’s most famous /5(7). Mario is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston and began his television career as a director at WLVI-TV.

He also served as anchor and managing editor for Metro News in Brockton, Mass., and as a general assignment reporter at WLNE-TV before joining the NBC 10 team.

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Public transit in the Greater Boston region. Routes, schedules, trip planner, fares, service alerts, real-time updates, and general information. That is the contention of Chad Storlie, who earned his BA from Northwestern University and his MBA from Georgetown University, is an adjunct marketing instructor at the Heider College of Business.

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