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Fox river paper

Geography[ edit ] The Fox River flows from north to south in its first section. The Upper Fox River begins as a small stream northeast of Pardeeville.

After flowing past Montellothe river goes northeast until reaching Lake Butte des Morts. Here it is joined by the tributary Wolf River before entering the west side of Lake Winnebago at Oshkosh.

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Prior to the construction of European-style dams afterthe river had many sizable rapids. Archaeologists have determined that indigenous peoples lived in the Fox River area as early as BC. Here they made the short portage from the Fox to the Wisconsin River and then canoed on toward the Mississippi River.

It was likely long used by Native Americans prior to European encounter, as they had extensive cross-country trading routes related to the Mississippi River. During the French colonization of the Americasthis route was used frequently by fur traders. French-Canadian men who established homes on the Fox River married First Nation women, producing mixed-race descendants who were generally raised within the matrilineal cultures of their mothers and identified with the tribes.

In Canada, the Metis of the Red River of the North are classified as a distinct ethnicity because of their shared culture. This goal was never achieved, as the Upper Fox remained too shallow for significant shipping even after damming and dredging.

In addition, the lakes that the narrow, winding stream flows through were frozen solid for five months every year. During the s, as Wisconsin's wheat production declined, these flour mills were replaced by a growing number of paper millswhich processed the great amount of timber being harvested from the forests.

The Lower Fox proved an ideal location for paper production, owing to its proximity to lumbering areas that could supply wood pulp to make paper. Several well-known paper companies were founded in cities along the river, including Kimberly-ClarkNorthern Paper Mills makers of Quilted Northernand the Hoberg Paper Company manufacturer of Charmin.

Paper industry[ edit ] The Lower Fox remains a major area for paper production. There are 24 paper and pulp mills along the Lower Fox River that produce more than five million tons of paper per year and employ around 50, people.

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Although Oshkosh is a major city in the chain, active production of paper products is no longer located there. Environmental issues[ edit ] In the section between Lake Winnebago and Green Bay at Lake Michigan, the Fox River flows roughly south to north and descends through a height equal to that of Niagara Falls.

As such, the Fox River was an ideal location for constructing powerful saw mills that made the Fox River area famous for its paper industry.

Specialty paper, premium paper and fine paper products from Neenah Paper Inc. Early settlers used the Fox River for trade, but entrepreneurs in the mids harnessed the river to power flour and paper mills. The trail has been well traveled:
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All Listings Architectural features[ edit ] View from nearby building showing notable architectural features When the Fox Theatre first opened, the local newspaper described it as having, "a picturesque and almost disturbing grandeur beyond imagination".

A negative side effect of this industrialization was the dumping of hazardous material byproducts of the paper mills. It was soon after this started that dumping became illegal. Public debate about this contamination began as early asbut little was done to improve the river until the federal Clean Water Act was passed in Much effort has since been put into cleaning the Fox, but problems still exist.

Fox river paper

According to some measures of pollution e. However, according to other measures of pollution e.The Fox River is a river in the north central United States, in eastern Wisconsin. Along the banks is a chain of cities and villages, including Oshkosh, Neenah, Menasha, Appleton, Little Chute, Kimberly, Combined Locks, and Kaukauna.

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