Graffiti in melbournes laneways

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Graffiti in melbournes laneways

Street art, also known as graffiti, has not always had strong community support.

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For example, Graffiti Hurts spokesman Scott Hilditch complained that funding a mobile phone app to guide users around Melbourne street art sites would glorify graffiti vandalism. Yet there is no denying the growth of street art and the popularity of sites around inner-city Melbourne. You may even see newlyweds looking for that quintessentially Melbourne photo for their wedding album.

It attracts significantly more Instagram hashtags than traditional destinations like Melbourne Zoo or Federation Square. City destinations are having to find new and creative ways to distinguish themselves from the rest.

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A locals guide to the neighbourhoods of Melbourne, Australia Graffiti — Graffiti are writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on a wall or other surface, often within public view.

Melbourne City has a web page explaining to both artists and property owners the legalities of street art. The council refers to research and community consultations as the basis for its Graffiti Management Plan.

However, trying to separate the two is problematic.

Graffiti in melbournes laneways

Measuring its economic value to the city is challenging. This article was originally published on The Conversation.

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Read the original article.Street Art and Graffiti are controversial and democratic forms of public art. This public art is labelled ‘Street Art’ when permitted by authorities. Without permits, this art is often labelled as graffiti or tagging yet many graffiti works are highly important creative and political pieces.

Under the cover of darkness, thousands of tulips that were destined for the bin have been brought in to fill one of Melbourne's most colourful laneways.

Hosier Lane was transformed on Friday as. Melbourne's iconic street art laneways have had a facelift. Melbourne is known as one of the street art capitals of the world - the perfect destination for a "spraycation".

Hosier Lane Melbourne, Australia Wandering the city of Melbourne at night is fantastic and ghostly.

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Places in the city usually swarmin with people, like the famous graffiti alley of Hosier Lane, is empty. #art #graffiti #melbourne #australia #photography #longexposure.

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Love Melbournes Laneways - great for coffee and street art and just wandering around.

Graffiti in melbournes laneways

For starters graffiti is a term used to define when something is done to someone else’s property without permission. This is all done with the permission of the City of Melbourne whose only condition is “do art not tags” – it’s street art.

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