Hindu matchmaking astrology

There must be a better way. It is a time-honored tradition in India to compare and match horoscopes of prospective marriage partners. Not surprisingly, the guidance of good astrologers has resulted in a high marital success rate for happy marriages.

Hindu matchmaking astrology

Tweet on Twitter Biodata for marriage comes into play the Hindu matchmaking astrology you declare your inability to find a man on your own! One of the biggest advantages of finding romantic love before your parents start pushing you to get married is the fact that you can do away with creating a biodata for matrimony!

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That leads us to a fundamental question — What is a marriage biodata or biodata for matrimony and why is it the start of a painful process of going through matchmaking that will eventually result in an arranged marriage? What is a biodata for matrimony?

The biodata for matrimony as we know it now is a summary of everything about the man or the woman planning to get married. While there is no law or Government mandated rule that specifies the format and content for a biodata for matrimony very similar to the fact that there is no single recommended approach to writing a resume for a job interviewthere is a general expectation or understanding on what a biodata format for matrimony should look like.

Your biodata Hindu matchmaking astrology matrimony has three key components A resume for marriage that includes basic details considered to be important criteria for marriage. In some cases, people also include a few lines about what their expectation is from a prospective bridegroom.

The second component is the horoscope.

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This is usually printed as a separate document or incorporated seamlessly with the rest of the personal data. There are many related data points that are explicitly called out such as time of birth, birth star to name a few.

Tithi - Hindu Lunar Tithi Calendar | Panchang Thithi Calculator Without these, our knowledge would be incomplete. The Nakshatras represent a cluster of stars.
Taurus Woman: Secrets of Nature, Attitude, and More Pisces Taurus Woman Reading this article you'll know how a Taurus lady gets attention even among crowdwhat personality she possess, what specialities she has, and what attitude she exposes. You must go through the unique characteristics of a Taurus woman, as it will help you understanding your Taurus partner better.

The third component is usually a hard copy of a postcard-sized photograph. In some cases, a passport sized copy of the photograph is stuck to the marriage resume. Here is an example of a 1-page biodata for marriage found floating around on the Internet with personal data!

Being good citizens, we masked the personal details. Notice that there is next to no effort to make it attractive. It looks like a page from a product catalogue and is full of grammar mistakes. There are plenty of issues. Here are four important challenges: Your biodata for marriage in its traditional understanding reinforces stereotypes and puts you at a disadvantage.

This is especially true if you are a woman. Your biodata for marriage is probably no different from that of your friend! When you put two biodata for marriage together, there is very little to choose from other than hard data points.

None of these factors will help you find your soulmate. If you use your biodata for marriage as a tool to attract the right group of men, they fall short miserably. There is no way a biodata for marriage that only showcases hard data can improve your chances of finding your soulmate as you will have to wade through a large volume of responses with very little real matches showing up.

Hindu matchmaking astrology

If you think you can use your biodata for marriage just to shortlist men from a similar background and then go through a detailed evaluation process, you will be disappointed once again. I graduated from Loyola College, majoring in Literature. Reading has also stoked my passion for travel as I end up discovering new books everywhere I go!

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Rasi porutham in tamil Rasi porutham in tamil is usually used to find horoscope compatibility, when the jathagam is not available or when the birth date and time is not known.

Hindu matchmaking astrology

The Nakshatras or the constellations form the most important element of the Hindu Astrology. These 27 Nakshatras are responsible for deciding a person's attributes, 'naamkaran' of the newly born, matchmaking and many other important occasions of life. Marriage Horoscope Compatibility - Kundali Milan Horoscope matching or Kundli Matching is a gift from ancient Indian astrology that helps people find the right partner.

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HOROSCOPES BASIC Astro calculations and charts. Basic calculations include: Rasi charts; Navamsa charts ; Bhava charts ; Nakshatra (birth star); Planetary longitudes; Table of which planet in which star.

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