My salvation experience

God's Love and His Justice: Are They In Conflict? Mark and I are so blessed to have friends with whom we can deliberate our theological views.

My salvation experience

My background I was a high-ranking officer in the kingdom of darkness for years and wreaked a lot of havoc on churches and institutions, but when I got converted, I became a colossus in evangelism and soul winning, preaching the gospel of Christ.

Since I gave my life to Christ, I have remained in the vanguard of church growth and Christian development. My courage to preach the fear of God The importance of the message of the fear of God, holiness and salvation to mankind cannot be over emphasized.

Reason is that God is the creator of heaven and earth and He created us to worship and serve Him. So, man must have the fear of God. He wants to share glory with God.

My salvation experience

That is why he deceives people to disobey God. Man needs this consciousness through the message of truth. Also, man needs salvation made possible through Christ because God does not want any soul to perish. I have been to hell and seen the holocaust, imbroglio, catastrophe, anguish, gnashing of teeth, shame and damnation there.

When the Lord Jesus arrested me and I got converted, He gave me the mandate to preach His gospel for salvation of mankind so that they can escape the impending doom. How I got satanic power to wreak havoc When I was born, I became a military officer in the spirit realm.

I was initiated and given power by the Queen of the Coast.

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She then gave me some mandate and asked me to go about it without fear or favour. My exact mandate and how I executed them When I was in the kingdom of darkness, my assignment was to pollute the Christendom, using fashion as a weapon, to turn the natural to the unnatural and to empower those that were ready to yield to our influence.

The intention was to pollute the gospel message and discourage the faithful from accepting the message. I finished the assignment in and was supposed to die, reincarnate and go to another part of the world. But when my family members discovered the diabolical plan, they intensified prayers and blocked my movement.

As at that time, I still had the demonic powers and used them effectively. When I could no longer continue with my escapades, I started dealing with men of God.

My mother took me to prayer houses for deliverance. My service to God will be greater than the service I rendered to the devil and God willing, I will achieve this target to the glory of God.

How I was converted One day in the kingdom of darkness, I was going to hell to carry out an assignment. I was shocked because that I was sure that nobody knew my real earthly name.

So, who could have known my name in a place where my relations or people that know me could never be found? When I heard the name the third time and I turned to rebuke the person, I saw a very handsome, huge, awesome and attractive personality.

Then, I sensed that Jesus Christ must have been calling my name. I also remembered that during our training in the kingdom of darkness, we were taught about Him. The name they call Him there is Son of the Owner.

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Nobody dares call His real name Jesus because the name is so strong and mighty that it shakes the kingdom to its roots. Based on the way He was described as the most handsome, I was sure that the personality I saw was indeed, Jesus.

When I made bold and turned to face Him, I asked: He said that He knew that I was going on a mission. Immediately He said this, my body was on fire and I surrendered and said: I have my own master. You know your people and your people know you. Why then are you coming for me? Heaven and earth belong to me.Sep 22,  · A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series Salvation.

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The ABC's of Salvation: God has made Salvation easy. "Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." (Romans ). Your salvation experience is the beginning of .

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