Napster the copyright battle essay

Not Violating Copyrights Essay Going to be a Useful Tool for Musicians in the Future Copyright infringement has quickly become one of the most talked about issues of the internet - Napster is:

Napster the copyright battle essay

Napster the copyright battle essay

Share via Email This article is over 18 years old A federal judge in San Francisco yesterday ordered Napster, the internet service that allows the trading of MP3 sound files by linking personal computers, to stop permitting the exchange of copyrighted music owned by major music labels.

The injunction is scheduled to take effect at midnight on Friday and will continue pending trial. The case represents a landmark in the uncharted waters of internet copyright law, with policy-makers, lawyers, consumers and entrepreneurs watching closely. Legal experts have also said the implications for the case extend beyond music, to the sharing of other media like movies, and may set the tone for how intellectual property law is defined on the Internet.

The recording industry declared the decision a major and complete victory.

Napster was created last year by a year-old computer student Shawn Fanning, whilst he was toying around with the web at the University of Michigan. The recording association asserts Napster is guilty of contributory copyright infringement.

The industry contends that Napster has built a business by encouraging individual users to share files of music they do not own. But Napster claims that the online trading of MP3 music files falls within the parameters of the Audio Home Recording Act which permits copying music for personal use.Nov 23,  · Startups news from the, including the latest news, articles, quotes, blog posts, photos, video and more.

Although, one needs to be careful, because the copyright sign does not necessarily need to be present for a work to be considered copyrighted (Cyberbee, n. d.). So how does fair use play a part in the .

Napster submitted to the court that an injunction against it would land it in heavy debt. The court ruled that it was irrelevant to the interest of the plaintiff.

Subsequently, Napster argued on the grounds of Betamax Defense that frees the new technology creator from the burden of copyright infringement as probable fallout of the technology, though the .

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Napster the copyright battle essay

The concern of RIAA is financially motivated because online sharing of music files is crippling the music industry. On the other hand, Napster is fighting for free access to music. However, there are also limits to .

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