Pigeons used in the war

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Pigeons used in the war

It was subsequently confirmed that the device uncovered was new to the area and would have inflicted significant casualties. Sadie and Lance Corporal Yardley were deployed to search for secondary explosive devices.

Sadie gave a positive indication near a concrete blast wall and multinational personnel were moved to a safe distance.

Despite the obvious danger Sadie and Lance Corporal Yardley completed their search. The bomb was designed to inflict maximum injury. Bobbie, Jasper, Lassie and Lucky displayed exceptional determination and life-saving skills during the Malaya Campaign.

Pigeons used in the war

The dogs and their handlers were an exceptional team, capable of tracking and locating the enemy by scent despite unrelenting heat and an almost impregnable jungle. Sadly, three of the dogs lost their lives in the line of duty: Arms and explosives search dog Buster located an arsenal of weapons and explosives hidden behind a false wall in a property linked with an extremist group.

Buster is considered responsible for saving the lives of service personnel and civilians. Following the find, all attacks ceased and shortly afterwards and troops replaced their steel helmets with berets.

On two documented occasions Sam displayed great courage and devotion to duty. On 18 April Sam successfully brought down an armed man threatening the lives of civilians and Service personnel.

In a final act of bravery the war dog was killed in action gathering a grenade. He landed in Normandy with them and, having done the requisite number of jumps, became a fully-qualified Paratrooper. He found all the mines but during the operation one of them exploded.

Ricky was wounded in the head but remained calm and kept at work. Had he become excited he would have been a danger to the rest of the section working nearby.

Punch sustained 4 bullet wounds and Judy a long graze down her back. Undaunted by smouldering debris, thick smoke, intense heat and jets of water from fire hoses, this dog displayed uncanny intelligence and outstanding determination in his efforts to follow up any scent which led him to a trapped casualty.

Muldoon from drowning under heavy shell fire at the assault of Walcheren, Novemberwhile serving with the 6th Cameronians SR.


His presence with these parties saved many of them from discovery and subsequent capture or destruction. Rob made over 20 parachute descents.

Missing on fourth mission, while serving with the RAF in JulyMay and Julywhile serving with the Special Service from the continent. DHZ56 Date of Award: One of the finest performances in the war record of the Pigeon Service. Making the 20 mile flight from British 10th Army HQ, in the same number of minutes, it brought a message which arrived just in time to save the lives of at least Allied soldiers from being bombed by their own planes.Homing pigeons were used not only in Western Europe by British forces but also by American, Canadian, and German forces in other parts of the world during the war – Italy, Greece, North Africa, India and the Middle and Far East.

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Later, in the 19th century, the pigeon was used for commercial purposes, carrying messages for financial institutions and news agencies in Europe and even providing an airmail service in New Zealand.

Seventy years ago a carrier pigeon performed the act of "heroism" that saw it awarded the animal's equivalent of the Victoria Cross - the Dickin Medal. It .


The company always believes that pets are good forms of therapy most especially if these pets are treated well. They can help people in their mood, their health, and most especially they can help them in doing their daily chores in life. Pigeon: Pigeon, any of several hundred species of birds constituting the family Columbidae (order Columbiformes).

Smaller forms are usually called doves, larger forms pigeons. An exception is the white domestic pigeon, the symbol known as the “dove of peace.” Pigeons occur worldwide except in the coldest.

Pigeons used in the war
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