Quebec referendum 1995 essay

The PQ were re-elected and they moved quickly to hold another referendum on separatism. On the Federal scene the Progressive Conservatives were almost completely destroyed and the Liberals were swept back into power with a majority mandate. The rise of two new parties Federally, the Bloc and the Reform Party, marked a seismic shift in Federal politics.

Quebec referendum 1995 essay

Partition proposals[ edit ] What area would an independent Quebec occupy? That of the Province as it is today without any territorial waters? That of i.

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That of with the addition of Newfoundland's Labrador? Sanguin, [1] Broadly speaking, partition proposals have tended to fall into three categories: New borders based on a return to historical boundaries that predate the Confederation of Provinces of Canada at Confederation in The logic here is that the separation of Quebec would represent an end to a constitutional deal in which Quebec was granted stewardship over certain lands which would revert to their former sovereign owners if Quebec were to leave Canada.

For example, in his book Who Gets Ungava? For this reason, if Quebec were to secede, the transfer would be legally void: Had Quebec been moving to become an independent country, the transfer of jurisdiction would not have taken place.

There was an implied condition that the Province of Quebec was going to remain part of Canada. Any attempt to move to independence would constitute a breach of that implied condition attached to the transfer. The term sometimes used for this eventuality is "Pakistanisation", [1] in reference to the way in which East Pakistan and West Pakistan were separated by hundreds of miles of foreign soil, following independence inwith East Pakistan eventually separating and becoming its own country, Bangladeshin The fear is that Canada would be unworkable if its four Atlantic provinces were to become an exclave.

New borders based on the preferences of local populations. The logic of this approach is that, if Quebecers as a whole have the right to determine by majority vote whether to separate from Canada, then by extension the residents of regions within Quebec ought to be accorded the same right to separate from Quebec and Quebec referendum 1995 essay remain within Canada.

The areas of Quebec that have been mentioned as likely to choose to remain in Canada include predominantly English-speaking municipalities on the western part of the Island of MontrealNorthern Quebecthe Eastern Townships and the Pontiac region in the Outaouais.

How the Partition of Quebec Will Reshape the Nation, Scott Reid argues in favour of partition as determined by local populations and largely dismisses the first two lines of thought on partition listed above. History of the Partition debate[ edit ] A potential map of Canada and a seceded Quebec partitioned according to local preferences, with MontrealNorthern Quebecthe Eastern Townshipsand the Pontiac region remaining with Canada The partition movement dates from Maywhen William Shawa candidate for the leadership of the Union Nationaleproposed the idea in a series of interviews with journalists.

Writing several years later, Shaw recounted one of these interviews: The threat of partition will prevent separation. This group contained some individuals who believed, along with Shaw, that the threat of a partition in which some parts of Quebec would remain within Canada would weaken support for separation.

Other members of the Preparatory Committee sought to create a new province out of the linguistically mixed parts of Quebec even if Quebec were to remain in Canada, in order to create a new, bilingual province.

For example, also in the s, there was a movement, led by the Parti Acadiento create a new Acadian province out of northern New Brunswick. The northern two-thirds of the province would be retained by Canada following independence, on the basis that the territory had been assigned not ceded to the Province of Quebec in two steps, in and ; [7] All Quebec territory south of the St.

Lawrence River would also be retained by Canada, on the basis of the 18th-century claim of the then-colonies of New York and Massachusetts to these lands, which had been abandoned by the British Crown only after Quebec had been captured by Britain in ; [8] The Pontiac region of west Quebec, the lower north shore of the Gulf of St.

The parts remaining in Canada would contain over three million residents, of whom about two-thirds would be French-speaking. But they also seem to have believed that their scenario would never play out.

As they put it, "Such a country will not be proclaimed—ever.

Pierre Trudeau's Essay on the Quebec Referendum

The French-Canadian people would not have it. They would rather have a large province than a small country. That is why separation will not happen. Following the narrow loss by the separatist side in the October referendum on secession, there was a widespread belief that another referendum would be held in the near future.

For this reason, potential players began to take actions that would strengthen their positions in the coming unity crisis. Regardless of the outcome of any referendum on the independence of Quebec conducted by the government of the province of Quebec, the Government of Canada guarantee forthwith the rights of loyal citizens of Canada, where they form the majority in any provincial riding in Quebec, to remain citizens of Canada, territorially part of the Canadian nation and people, one and indivisible.

Reprints › The French language in Canada The valley of the St.
After the British conquest, 1763–1830 Keckler, University of New Mexico, finding a clear deterrent in the death penalty for those who murder and do not fear prison.

However the parallel francophone organization, the Association of New Brunswick Municipalities, rejected the partition resolution. Finally, on August 14, Quebec's deputy premier, Bernard Landryresponded with an open letter in Le Droitaccusing partitionists of being anti-democratic.

The French regime, 1535–1763

Shortly after these events, the sovereigntist provincial government of Premier Bouchard enacted a law forcing many of Quebec's municipalities to merge — and in particular, forcing all of the small non-francophone municipalities on the Island of Montreal to become part of a single francophone-majority municipality covering the entire island.Oct 30,  · Quebec referendum of , referendum held in the Canadian province of Quebec on October 30, , that proposed sovereignty for the province within a new economic and political partnership between Quebec and the rest of Canada.

The referendum was defeated by a margin of only 1 percent, or fewer than 55, votes. Quebec has played a special role in French history; the modern province occupies much of the land where French settlers founded the colony of Canada (New France) in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The population is predominantly French-speaking and Roman Catholic, with a large Anglophone minority, augmented in recent years by immigrants from Asia.

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Quebec referendum 1995 essay

Quebec Referendum - What political consequences would have occurred if Quebec had voted "Yes" in the referendum. Introduction This discussion tackles the Quebec referendum, more especially regarding what would have been the consequence of a Yes Vote during the referendum.

Held on 30 October , the referendum on Québec sovereignty was settled by a narrow victory for the “No” camp — as had been the case in the referendum. At the beginning of the referendum campaign, the so-called "No" side (opposed to separation) had a substantial lead in the polls.

But. The partition of Quebec refers to the secession of regions of the province of Quebec, rather than to partitions in a strict political is usually discussed as a possibility in the event of Quebec secession from was not a key issue in either the Referendum on Quebec Sovereignty or the Referendum on Quebec Sovereignty, .

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