Reward system and its impact on

Apoorva Trivedi13 ABSTRACT In the era of globalization organizations have accomplish the significance of their human resources and become more and more interested in managing workforce in such a way that can improve business accomplishment.

Reward system and its impact on

The Nathaniel et al. The author Arran et al. The author Puwanenthiren concluded that the higher will be the employ reward the more the employ will be motivated and Lower the employee rewards lead to lower the Employee Motivation.

According to Rizwan and Usman said that the reward system can motivate an employee in the organization. In other words, reward systems seek to attract people to join the organization to keep them coming to work, and motivate the employees to perform to best levels Puwanenthiren Reward can increases worker performance and the rewards can improve employee performance in very best manner Arran et al.

According to Ibrar and Owais there are two types main rewards. Non-financial rewards are non-cash and it is a social recognition such as acknowledgement, certificate, and genuine appreciation etc, only the financial rewards are not important the employees also giving more value to the attitude and behavior their managers.

Ibrar and Owais The extrinsic rewards Financial rewards: Extrinsic rewards are tangible rewards and these rewards are external to the job or task performed by the employee. External rewards can be in terms of incentives, bonuses, promotions, job security, etc. Nadia et al, Objectives of reward system: The Edware and Agwu concluded that the reward systems having the following major objectives.

Attracting and retaining employees. Promotion skills and knowledge development. Controlling of labor cost. It is natural process that human performance is based on motivation and motivations are connected with reward system. So, in the presence of reward the better will be the quality and productivity of an organization performance.

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not its System And Its Impact On Employee Motivation In Commercial Bank Of Sri Lanka Plc. reward system and its impact Hate to interrupt you, boss, but the meeting starts in another 10 minutes/' said a male voice over the intercom.

"I am almost through," replied the man inside the big corner room. reward system has on the workforce and by extension, the organization. In addition, It is increasingly being A proper understanding of the effect will help draw attention to the impact of reward on employee performance. “The reward system consists of all organisation components- including people, process, rules and.

Literature Review The importance of rewards system and its impact on employees Muhammad Ilyas According to Edward () Employees don’t work for free, most businesses are not volunteer services, so you have to compensate them in some way for their time and efforts that we call rewards.

Reward system and its impact on

REWARD SYSTEM FOR EMPLOYEES An employee reward system consists of an organization‘s integrated strategy, procedure and system for rewarding its employees in peace with their involvement, skills and capability and their market value.

establish if a structured reward system, and the specific type of rewards applicable to this organisation, is imperative for increasing employee performance or if it has any effect at all.