Seams and stiches

Itch to Stitch Nottingham - My thoughts How does so much time go by between posts?? I really always intend to post more often but then either my sewjo disappears or my blogjo is that a thing? And then I make excuses to myself or figure no one wants to just read about my day-to-day, especially with no pics! I made two tops and three skirts.

Seams and stiches

How to Sew a Single-fold Clean Finish Seam Before you begin, there are a few things to keep in mind while sewing silks. A simple way to ensure good stitch quality is to adjust the stitch length. As you sew, hold the fabric both in front of and behind the needle to give the fabric a little tension.

After you sew any seam, press it flat to meld the stitches before Seams and stiches proceed to the next step. Honing your skills when sewing silk is all about using the right sewing aids and choosing the right techniques for stitching. The pattern is available at SewingWorkshop.

Fabrics of different weights fabric need different types of seam finishes. Sewing aids Here are a few extra items that are useful to have on hand when sewing silk. If the fabric tends to get drawn into the throatplate needle hole, switch to a throat plate with a single small opening.

Many silk fabrics tend to slip and slide, so try a product that binds the fabric together before you sew it.

Seams and stiches

Fuse a strip of fusible tape to one side of the fabric, and remove the paper backing to expose a sticky strip that you can fuse to another piece of fabric. This holds the fabric in place for stitching. I prefer to use IB C glass-head silk pins. Be sure to change your pins often.

Start each project with a new needle, and adjust the size according to the weight of the fabric. The right needle and thread combination is essential.

I prefer percent-silk thread. The next best choice is pure cotton. Polyester threads tend to pucker. For lightweight and sheer silks, choose a lighter thread, or use a two-ply machine-embroidery cotton thread. My favorite scissors are Gingher no.

A bird and clamp tool is a device with a clamp on one end that attaches to the edge of a table and another end that pinches the fabric to hold it taut while you are trimming. They are attached to each other with a string and act as a third hand to help you hold your fabric steady.

Seam finishes Choosing the right seam finish for silk fabrics takes some experimentation. First, consider the type of silk and the style of the garment in which you intend to use it. If you have a higher-quality fabric for a more formal garment, try the more polished techniques such as French or Hong Kong seams.Mattress Stitch - How To Seam Knitting.

Mattress stitch is a great seaming technique to use for sewing seams in knitting. It's really simple to learn and it is practically invisible. 30 Seams & Stitches Brushes for Photoshop Do you enjoy drawing your fashion flats in Photoshop? This is for you!! Photoshop brush file with 30 seams and trims!

Basic, Zi-zag, overlock, zippers and more! A seleccion from my AI brushes for fashion. Needs Photoshop CS4 or +. BS - Stitches and Seams Part 1: Classification and Terminology of Stitch Types Published by BSI on November 29, Classifies, designates, describes and illustrates stitch types used in hand and machine sewn seams.

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On straight seams, use a ruler. For curves, measure the seam allowance and make short marks along the seam and then connect them so you have a guide to follow. Continue to 3 of 5 below. 03 of Making The First Backstitch. Mollie Johanson. 1 - No linking breakage when seams are stretched. 2 - Tubular linking without excessive bulk in seam.

7 3 - Linking must be secured at hem, cuff, neck, armhole. For long seams I use my fingers to open the seam and work the iron down the length of the seam, pressing as I go. 4. Then I flip the unit over to press again from the right side.

A couple of touches of the iron will give a nice flat seam.

Seaming a seed stitch sweater? How do I do that?