Societal comparisons ap world history

History of Poland The first Jews arrived in the territory of modern Poland in the 10th century. Travelling along trade routes leading east to Kiev and BukharaJewish merchants, known as Radhanitescrossed Silesia. One of them, a diplomat and merchant from the Moorish town of Tortosa in Spanish Al-Andalusknown by his Arabic name, Ibrahim ibn Yaqubwas the first chronicler to mention the Polish state ruled by Prince Mieszko I. In the summer of or Jacob made a trade and diplomatic journey from his native Toledo in Muslim Spain to the Holy Roman Empire and to Slavic countries.

Events during Time Period: Tributary State; Dependant zone Religious: Initially weak and fragmented; Grows to great strength under Peter the Great Geographical: China to Baltic Sea, Siberia to E.

Russia and the Ottoman Empire were similar in the fact that they both used gunpowder, both had good sea navigation, and they both ended up with strong and united armies and navies. Russia was a monarchial dictatorship, while the Ottoman Empire was an autocracy.

Russia was a tributary state to the Mongol Empire until it broke free, and then became a dependant zone on European and Asian trade, while the Ottoman Empire controlled East-West trade over land, since it was in control of Constantinople.

Societal comparisons ap world history

Russia was an Orthodox state, while the Ottoman Empire was an Islamic state. The comparison between Russia and the Ottoman Empire is important because it shows us, basically, the two ends of the spectrum of the world from to Also, comparing the two societies show us how many of the world civilizations rose from essentially ashes to great empires.The Case for Reparations.

Two hundred fifty years of slavery. Ninety years of Jim Crow. Sixty years of separate but equal. Thirty-five years of racist housing policy. Advanced Placement World History Syllabus. AP World History. Course Overview. This is a one year course about creating a world that you live in, it about the rise of agriculture and agricultural civilizations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Southern Europe, and the Americas, The Classical Period including India, China, Greece, and .

AP World History Societal Comparison Chart. Xinhui Liao Economic Characteristics China There was a division in China between the upper class, who possessed large areas of land, as well as wealth, and the middle and lower class.5/5(1). View Test Prep - Comparison of Classical Civilizations from AP WORLD at Sachem High School North.

MY CALENDAR MY BOOKLIST MY LINKS MY BLOG AP World History Class Periodization 1 and 2 Comparison67%(3). Classification.

Societal comparisons ap world history

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