Succeeding against the odds essay

Succeeding Against the Odds: Throughout her career, Dajani has provided consultancy services to multinational companies operating in the energy sector and seeking entry to the MENA region. She is currently heading Panmed Energy, an energy consulting company and developer operating in Jordan, the Middle East, and Africa.

Succeeding against the odds essay

Yet, Abdismad Adan, a young boy from Africa has managed to succeed against the odds and become a student at Harvard. When I was a child, school was my favorite thing in the world. I excelled at it, and I looked forward to the logic puzzles, multiplication tables, and story times.

However, the older I got, the duller school seemed to become. Story time was replaced with textbook work, and backpacks got heavier with every passing year. School lost its shine, and, exhausted by the whirlwind of clubs, sports, work, personal life, and academic load that I take on, I began to regularly dread the start of a new day.

We often tend to take what we possess for granted, thinking that it is owed to us. We forget that what we have is more often than not actually a big deal; we forget to be grateful. The Story of Abdisamad Adan Fortunately, our world is full of inspiring people who can remind us of the important things in life.

Every so often, we get word of stories that rejuvenate our ability to see the big picture. It describes his incredible journey from his home in Somaliland, where his grandmother disapproved of his pursuit of higher education and some of his 18 siblings are illiterate, to the esteemed university of Harvard.

Before arriving in America, Abdisamad spent an average of two hours each day carrying water to his home; his grandmother disapproved of his pursuit of higher education because in Somaliland, the likelihood of him making use of that education was very little, and it took time away from supporting his family.

Even without someone to push him to excel academically, Abdisamad scored the second highest grade on the national eighth grade exams. His talents, combined with a good deal of luck, landed Abdisamad in the Abaarso School of Science and Technology, where he started ninth grade.

Though he struggled at first, Abdisamad won a scholarship to study at the Masters School in New York after three years of hard work. He blossomed at Masters, and applied and was accepted to Harvard. Reading the article in the New York Times reveals just how powerful education and opportunity are.

Succeeding against the odds essay

There is no doubt that: Talent is universal, but opportunity is not. At best, he likely would have squandered his talent working a job requiring no skill, barely surviving and making a living.

He is one of the lucky few that made it out, that beat the odds and made a new life for himself. Most of his counterparts are not as lucky. It is easy to lose perspective when we live in an area with abundant resources and a stable social and governmental system.

The world is also losing out on an invaluable source of creativity and innovation, and they are being entrenched an endless cycle of inopportunity, radicalism, violence, and warfare. Every child deserves to have an education and the opportunity to transform their lives, and we must find a way to provide them with the tools they need to do so.Cecilia C Lo is an EdD candidate at the University of Hong Kong.

She has experience in both secondary education and school development. Her research interests are in specific learning disabilities and gifted children. Contact address: Ms. Cecilia Lo, Ed.D candidate, Centre for Advancement in. May 07,  · Leadership uses available resources to build a professional team, including sales executives, and strong development resources to work on product.

A focus on diversity and work-life balance. Great location and office Former Employee - Senior Advisor. Education researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in the UK have debated the question of what, and how much, schools can do to mitigate the effects of parental background on educational outcomes over the last half a century.


Why Some People Succeed Against All Odds “Every dream will be challenged!” These powerful words from a mentor of mine have been burned in fire into my memory. Why Succeeding Against the Odds Can Make You Sick In , a few hundred people who responded to a job posting in a Pittsburgh newspaper agreed to let researchers spray their nostrils with a rhinovirus known to cause the common cold.

Succeeding against the Odds in English Judith A. Langer The English Journal, Vol. 91, No.

Succeeding against the odds essay

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Succeeding Against the Odds