The things ive learned from my uncle

No matter how good you were — you still will be a brat. Yes, I was bitchy, emotional, all over the place and defiant. I know this now.

The things ive learned from my uncle

That version of me would not know the loss I was about to experience. And never could I predict the journey I would begin the day my best friend died. The thing about life is that all of us are going to experience great loss, if we have not already.

Nothing anyone could have said could have prepared me for this, but I believe I have learned these lessons to help others; whether it be to cope with grief, or live more fully.

Being strong means finding a reason to keep going. You have to find the humor in it yourself, nobody can do that for you.

The things ive learned from my uncle

But it is necessary. It is pertinent that you cry. Just let it happen. Sometimes the bravest thing we can do as humans is to be completely alone with our thoughts. Nobody is going to save you. Be your own hero.

Talk yourself down from that ledge. Hold yourself on those long, lonely nights. But also, know that you are loved. So much more than you know. Let your eyes slide across the page of the medical records.

She was so much more than that. Deal with pain however you need to, but just know that this suffocating suffering will pass and you will be left with the pieces of yourself you destroyed in order to feel something or to feel nothing. You cannot cover the memories of a loved one in gold and jewels.

The greatest service you can do for them, and yourself, is being honest about them. Sit with nature more. In whatever way makes you feel more connected, more at peace.

Let people raise you up in love. You are not a burden. Do not let anyone take advantage of your vulnerable state. You are not a bad person for saying no.Meditation has triggered many Epiphanies within me and has expanded my view of possibility.

These 3 realizations are the most profound truths I’ve come across in my own experience. Mediation has the ability to transcend the limited thinking mind and to expand the scope of perception.

Today on the blog I would like to talk about the things I've learned from my Father. What they are and what growing up with him as meant to me. My Father lost his brother (my wonderful Uncle) and has even gone above and beyond and took on another role as caregiver to my Grandpa.

No matter what, my Father has stood strong and believed his. What’s the best thing YOU learned from your parents? my aunt and uncle and their two kids, a couple of foster children, two neighborhood boys (one of which eventually became my big brother), another cousin, a different uncle and a family of 7 from our old neighborhood.

1. Some of the best food is from a food truck. One of my community members, Ale, introduced us to an amazing food truck, King of Falafel and Shawarma. Here are 8 things I’ve learned from my life with Leia that can help you interact well with a blind person the next time you meet one: When you introduce yourself, say more than just your name.

Blind people associate you with the sound of your voice. I’ve learned several things from her and here are just a few, in no particular order (especially as the list progressed): Have a strong work ethic. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, do it to the best of your ability.

Don’t expect things to be handed to you. Work for them. Always keep your commitments.

Things I've Learned: Kevin Russell - Austin Monthly - February - Austin, TX