The westing game writing activities

Characters[ edit ] Sam Westing was an extremely rich businessman who made his fortune in paper products. He was very patriotic and never smoked, drank, or gambled. He is married to Grace Wexler, whom he loves, but he also knows that she might never be happy with their life or financial situation. Jake is the father of Angela Wexler and Turtle Wexler.

The westing game writing activities

Explain that we will pre-load some vocab, but students can still ask questions as we read. Explain that there will be time each day to answer the questions they can, and that they may help each other if appropriate in your classroom.

The Westing Game Book Review

They will be expected to look at the QAR template and label the comprehension questions before answering. This is practice for answering future questions in other contexts. Continue this practice throughout the year!

Explain that there will be a test with some of these words and some of the comprehension questions at the end of these chapters. Pause at hints about her and check if students understood them. Help students see the unspoken dynamics between characters.

Make sure to explain the subtleties of pg. This shows both how Grace is racist and old-fashioned, and how she thinks of herself as the opposite.

A generational perspective might help students recognize this contradictory attitude. It can be really funny to have a student secretly prepped to act the part of Grace Windsor Wexler. This will be needed for their final presentation, but until then it helps them focus on certain elements and reduces confusion.

It also encourages them to think critically about how their character can win the Westing Game, and whether! It is best to make the character assignments seem random because you will probably need to sell boys on being girl characters and vice-versa.

When they are assigned, begin giving them time whenever possible to fill out the profile of their character. In my experience, students struggle with this. Provide time to study for and take unit test. After having read Ch. Post these in the classroom, making sure to put them as randomly as possible.

What feelings can you tell that Turtle has toward other characters like Jake, Dr. Explain the evidence you found.

How, do you think, did Sam Westing know how each person would respond to his will? What do you or your character think your clues mean? What makes you or them think that? What, do you think, is Judge J. What is making her think this way? Make a hypothesis about what will happen at the party.

Tell what you base your prediction on. Vocab to Watch Out For:The Westing Game Puzzle Pack on CD - Worksheets, Activities, Games $ Click the button below to add the The Westing Game Puzzle Pack - Worksheets, Activities, Games (Download) to your wish list. Complete Comprehensive Study Guide and Summary of The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.

the westing game writing activities

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Enter your own writing . Literature: "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin Links. Westing Game Activities Report this link as broken? Here are three activities that use art and writing and can be used in conjunction with the book. ThinkQuest: The Westing Heirs Report this link as broken?

Activities include each learning modality. An outline of expectations for the activities are included. The Westing Game-Vocabulary Time: Students master 29 vocabulary words from the novel The Westing Game. A variety of activities designed for students at all learning levels include crossword puzzles, word searches, and a vocabulary bee.

The Westing Game Question Answer The Westing Game What day did Shin Hoo’s Restaurant open? September 2 The Westing Game How many people came to the grand opening?

3 The Westing Game How did the coffee shop that was on the paring lot keep busy? People in the building ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner “up” and the workers from nearby Westingtown.

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